Business Name
White Flint Recovery White Flint Recovery
130 E Main St, Salisbury, MD 21801 | Phone: 410-749-6422410-749-6422

About the Facility & Company History

White Flint Recovery Eastern Shore, Inc. a private facility, has served the Lower Eastern Shore community with outpatient drug and alcohol treatment since 1991. White Flint prides itself with the distinction of being the longest running treatment center on the Shore.

As the needs in the community changed, so has White Flint Recovery. White Flint’s program was initially designed to aid the numerous DUI/DWI offenders who had been ordered by the court system to receive substance abuse counseling in an outpatient setting. As time went on, White Flint added weekly classes serving MVA social drinkers (12 Hour Requirement), Delaware offenders (DERP/SODAT) an Intensive Outpatient Program & a Relapse Prevention Program. The facility recognized the need for individualized treatment for clients, thus its treatment philosophy today continues to be one which sets each client up for success.

To continue a high standard of care, programs are added as needed and staff is always willing to consider specialized counseling when appropriate. As always, White Flint is bound by state regulations regarding all treatment programs.

White Flint Recovery’s policy continues to be one of treatment and education, coupled with recovery and the use of the 12 step programs…….a most effective manner of treatment. White Flint believes in the worth of the individual and as such provides treatment geared to the needs of each client.

We Believe each client has the ability to succeed and we strive to provide quality treatment to reach that goal” – Judith Arnold, Director, LSWA, CAC-AD, CS

Mission Statement

White Flint Recovery offers a drug free, therapeutic treatment program. Our target population is criminal offenders that are chemically addicted, whose lifestyles have demonstrated a level of personal and social dysfunction requiring professional intervention and rehabilitation. Treatment is to be followed by referral to less restrictive community agencies, if indicated.

White Flint Recovery treatment programs provide outpatient treatment services through intensive addictions evaluation, substance abuse education, group counseling and a drug testing program that focuses on the individual needs of the client to plan the course and frequency of treatment.

Company Philosophy

White Flint promotes the disease principle of addiction in that all chemicals of abuse are life threatening to the client and that recovery may only be accomplished through total and continuing abstinence. The addictions education component from the medical model is utilized as well as the behavioral aspects of the traditional therapeutic community to support this philosophy as well as the continued recovery of the client. We believe that there are several treatment modalities that offer effective methods of treatment but that no one method should exclude sound components of another.