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White Flint Recovery White Flint Recovery
130 E Main St, Salisbury, MD 21801 | Phone: 410-749-6422410-749-6422
  • We Are Here To Help!

    White Flint Recovery has served the Lower Eastern Shore community with outpatient drug and alcohol treatment since 1991. We prides ourselves with the distinction of being the longest running treatment center on the Shore.

    Our Clients represent the full continuum from the 1st time alcohol offender to the chemically dependent.

  • Our Philosophy

    White Flint promotes the disease principle of addiction in that all chemicals of abuse are life threatening to the client and that recovery may only be accomplished through total and continuing abstinence. The addictions education component from the medical model is utilized as well as the behavioral aspects of the traditional therapeutic community to support this philosophy as well as the continued recovery of the client. We believe that there are several treatment modalities that offer effective methods of treatment but that no one method should exclude sound components of another.

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Success Stories

  • “I am very grateful to all of the staff at White Flint Recovery for all of their support and guidance in my early recovery. Thanks to them I have learned and have continued to use the tools necessary to stay clean.”

    Former Client
  • “White Flint has been a blessing in my life. Judy was extremely accommodating to me and my needs. Phil as my counselor and group leader, helped to keep me focused on recovery. There is so much knowledge and understanding at White Flint. I don’t believe I would still be clean and in the place I am today if it were not for the staff. I would recommend White Flint to anyone who is having issues with drugs or alcohol and wants to change their life.”

    Former Client
  • “My husband attended IOP at White Flint Recovery and despite initial hesitations about the program, we are both in agreement that he would not have been as successful without this treatment. It allowed him to establish relationships with people in the community that have offered healthy support. The act of being committed to treatment provided a normal routine for my husband to be successful.”

    Wife of Former Patient
  • “If I had not come to White Flint for my treatment, my alcohol use would have gotten much worse! The folks at White Flint make you feel comfortable!”

    Former Client
  • “I was definitely nervous about starting and then I started to actually look forward to coming! It was a great program! Easy to follow and stick with the program. Nish is awesome!”

    Former Client